With the health and preferences of bread lovers in mind, the “Ananda” bakery provides healthy handmade bread to customers around Taiwan.

Our bread is made from sour dough with a little yeast added, to make sure the bread is healthy but not sour and comes in several delicious flavors: raisin-walnut, coconut, black-sesame, orange-peel-fig, cheese-oregano, cheese-tomato and other seasonal favorites such as beetroot-cranberry.

Sourdough bread is leavened by natural fermentation and takes up to 10 days to prepare. In the process of fermentation the change that takes place in the flour makes the bread much easier to digest. In the process the nutritional properties of the bread change dramatically. Sourdough bread has a much lower glycemic index, which means that it helps keep your blood glucose levels in check, and has lower carbohydrate content than ordinary bread. The little added yeast ensures the bread does not taste sour and has a soft texture.

The bakery also sells high quality black sugar and a special strong salt which has proven to have a beneficial effect for health and external use, as well as dried fruits and nuts.


If you wish to order bread or other products, please contact us through the form below. We will send you an order form and payment details.