Meditation is the subtlest practice of yoga and as such also the most easily misunderstood. Often meditation is compared to relaxation, but true meditation is a spiritual practice that can lead to higher levels of inner peace, fulfillment, happiness and love when practiced regularly and sincerely.

Additionally, the regular practice of meditation increases self-confidence, reduces anxiety and tension, and improves quality of sleep and concentration.

Personal meditation can be learned from a qualified teacher and practiced in daily life. Collective meditation programs help to build up, maintain and deepen one’s personal practice despite the other demands of daily life.

Our Meditation Programs

Collective Meditation
  • Collective Meditation

  • Those who have learned Ananda Marga meditation are welcome to join the weekly collective meditation (called Dharma Cakra) on Saturday mornings. Those who wish to learn but have not yet had the opportunity may participate too and learn their personal meditation at the first opportunity following.

Sadhana Shivir
  • Sadhana Shivir

  • Intensive meditation programs, called Sadhana Shivir, are held on a regular basis. In these programs silent sitting meditation is alternated with devotional chanting, continuously for several hours per day. The combination of these two practices allows the mind to go deep within and experience the inner peace each of us is longing for. The duration of meditation and chanting can vary between a few hours and a few days. The program is open for new practitioners as well, provided that they are willing to accept the challenge of sitting for longer periods of time, despite the unease it may bring to the inexperienced.  

Personal Instruction
  • Personal Instruction

  • In Ananda Matrika a trained teacher is available for personal meditation instruction, which is then to be practiced on a daily basis by oneself. This individual tuition is provided free of charge for the sincere spiritual seeker.