Yoga is the science of physical, mental and spiritual development with the goal to realize one’s true Self.

Yoga’s most known aspect is the practice of yoga postures, “asanas”. Asanas are gentle exercises to increase health and balance of the body. Proper diet, sleep, lifestyle and other practices combined with the yoga postures help to bring the body and mind in a balanced state so that meditation can be performed properly.

Asanas differ from regular exercises in that they also affect the glandular and nervous system and in that way regulate the emotional state and inner peace of the sincere practitioner.

Asanas can be practiced independently from other aspects of Yoga, but the level of harmony and benefit one reaches depends on how much of the other guidelines one is able to implement in one’s life.

Yoga asana practice often is a stepping stone to other, more subtle, aspects of the Yoga system, most importantly, meditation.

The yoga programs below all include yoga asanas and meditation.

Our Yoga Programs

Yoga classes
  • Yoga classes

  • Yoga classes are held every weekday and include a yoga dance unique to Ananda Marga.

Women's Yoga Weekends
  • Women's Yoga Weekends

  • A weekend retreat is a great way to get (re)started with a new and healthier lifestyle. Away from the routine of your daily life and commitments you can enjoy the practices of yoga, meditation, chanting and learn about the various aspects of a balanced yogic lifestyle.

Women's Detox Weekend
  • Women's Detox Weekend

  • Yoga practices have traditionally always included fasting for improved health and wellbeing. This weekend program guides you through the fasting experience, gives you information and inspiration for healthier food choices when you return home.