Ananda Matrika is run by volunteers, and you can get involved!

With many activities and visitors, a small farm and a large garden, there is always enough work to be shared. To preserve the unique atmosphere of Ananda Matrika we welcome volunteers who have an affinity for outdoor work as well as an interest in spirituality (yoga and meditation). Experience is not required, but a positive attitude and sense of cooperation is.

There are many ways in which you can help out.

Come and work in the farm and garden, develop new programs for the local people, help with the children camps, all whilst growing your meditation and yoga practice.

Volunteers stay in own or shared rooms and can use all facilities. They are expected to work 6 hours per day as well as share household duties (such as meal preparation and cleaning) and contribute 100 NT$ (3 USD) per day towards food and living expenses.

If you cannot stay at Ananda Matrika but still would like to help, you could offer your time to promote our events, market our products, raise funds and perform other such tasks.

If you wish to know more about the opportunities and what you can do, please contact us.